Terms and Conditions


What data do we collect?

We collect personal information from you when you sign up on our website and fill in a questionnaire. We also collect data whenever you contact us via email or fax. When you sign up or fill out forms, you might be asked for the name of your contact details. When you place an order or paying and you are required to supply the details of your payment. In the event of collecting information about your credit card only the last 4 numbers of your card’s number will be stored in our databases. If you’re the instructor of a school or college, and we obtain your contact details when you order from an online bookstore or instruct students to make purchases through our website.

What are we using to collect your data?

The information we obtain from you could be used to complete transactions, respond to support queries, improve customer service and further improve our website. Your contact details could even be used in order to provide you with news and updates on purchases, product as well as service info, as well as promotions. We provide unsubscribe links at the bottom of each promotional emails.



This Policy is in effect between you, the user of this Website, and Ghani Himalayan Salt, the owner and operator of this website. This Policy is applicable to the use we make of all Data we collect with respect to our use of this Website Site as well as all Services or Systems within it.

Data Collected:

Without limitation this, one or more of the following information can be gathered:

2.1 Name

2.2 Date of Birth

2.3 Gender

2.4 Job Title

2.5 Profession

2.6 Contact information like the email addresses and phone numbers

2.7 Demographic data like preferences, interests, and postcode

2.8 Financial information, such as credit card or debit card numbers

2.9 IP Address (automatically taken)

2.10 Type of Web browser and version (automatically taken)

2.11 Operating System (automatically recorded)

2.12 An alphabetical list of URLs beginning with a referrer site the activity you conduct on this Site and the website you leave to (automatically taken) and

2.13 Information on cookies

Our Use of Data:

3.1 The personal data that you provide will be kept in the hands of Ghani Himalayan Salt for as long you utilize Ghani Himalayan Salt’s Services and Systems provided on the website. The information you provide through any of the communication systems we offer could be kept for a longer time period of up to five years.

3.2 Unless we are required or authorized by law to disclose your Data and subject to Clause 4, your data is not disclosed to third individuals. This does not apply to our affiliates, or any other companies in our group.

3.3 All personal data is securely stored in line to the requirements in the Data Protection Act 1998. For further information about security, refer to the clause 9 below.

3.4 All or any combination of these Data might be required by us from time a moment to give you the most effective experience and service when you use our Website. In particular, data may be used by us to fulfill the following purposes:

3.4.1 Internal record-keeping

3.4.2 Improved quality of our services and products

3.4.3 Sending emails of promotional materials that could be interesting to you.

3.4.4 Contact to conduct market research could be accomplished via phone, email, fax or postal mail. This information can be used to personalize or modify the web Site.

Changes of Business Ownership and Control:

5.1 Ghani Himalayan Salt may, at times, increase or decrease its operations. This may include the sale of specific sections or the transfer of specific divisions to different parties. Data supplied by users can, in the event that it is relevant to the division being transferred, become part of the transferred division with the division. The new owner or the newly controlled entity will, in accordance with the conditions of the Policy, able to make use of the Data for the purpose that it was provided by you.

5.2 If any data submitted by Users is transferred in this way it is not possible to be notified prior to the transfer and informed of any changes. If you are contacted, you will be offered the option of having your Data removed or kept from the new controller or owner.

Controlling Access to Your Information:

In the event that there is a requirement to supply Data and you are provided with the option of limiting the use we make of the Data. This can include:

1-he use of data to market direct; and

2-Sharing data with third-party companies.

Your Right to Withhold Information:

1 You can access specific areas of the Site without providing any information in any way. However, in order to access the full range of Services and Systems available on the Website, you may need to provide account details or other data.

2 You can limit the use of your browser’s Cookies.