Our Laboratory

We are delighted to announce that Ghani Himalayan Salt has a specially built edible salt plant. Our Laboratory edible salt production is totally automated, ensuring a clean and consistent product with no chance of human error. The edible salt unit is fully separate from lamp manufacture.

To achieve so, we maintain the quality level by focusing on your standardized level of production. Ghani Pvt. Ltd. company is responsible for overseeing all stages of the process, from the beginning of mining to the finished product, facilitating and handling all requirements. As each phase is processed under observation, this yields the most promising results and is more focused on the timeline.

In terms of quality, quantity, and healthfulness, the end result is a product that outperforms and outlasts its competition. The adoption of these modern methods gives complete good quality to our clients’ structures, as well as 100 percent purity.

We are committed to giving only the best to our consumer market and to continuous quality improvement of the salt and mining structures in Pakistan.