A Ghani mines production firm that was founded in 1986 is known for supplying premium salt quality of various grades that are created and processed using the most advanced and cutting-edge methods. We are regarded as the top-ranking exporter because of our systematic and well-planned products, which are subjected to stringent quality control and assurance.

The only Ghani Himalayan Salt firm in Pakistan that can provide any grade of salt and any type of packaging to meet the needs of its customers.

Ghani Himalayan salt is a form of rock salt that is extracted by the Punjab region of Pakistan. This salt usually is pinkish because of trace minerals, is mostly used as an ingredient in food to be used in place of refined table salt, but can also be used in cooking and food preparation as well as decorative lamps and spa treatments.

Ghani Himalayan Salt is a certified company with many certifications for its unwavering commitment to offering consistent, high-quality products.


Ghani Mining is increasingly focusing on preserving the planet’s natural resources and relying more heavily on renewable energy sources, leading to the prevalent belief that the mining and drilling sectors should progress. The mining business is vital to our economy because it provides raw materials, minerals, and metals. They lay the groundwork for modern living, technological advancements, and technical successes. So, we are more and more focusing on it.