Lick Salt

Animal Lick Salt is another Ghani Himalayan salt product. Animals that have a natural desire for salt consume it. In addition, Animal Lick salt prevents nutritional deficiency while also meeting the body’s need for minerals.

Ghani Himalayan Salt’s Animal Lick Salt is safe for pets, livestock, sheep, and cattle.

Ghani Himalayan salt is a healthy and safe lick salt for animals when it comes to salt nutrients. This salt is commonly used by horses and cows. There are several benefits of Himalayan salt. It is one of the essential parts of animal food.

Himalayan Salt has a variety of value, regular, and handcrafted salt licks. We are Pakistani manufacturers and exporters of creature salt lick. Salt licks can provide a critter with minerals and other nutrients that aren’t found in feeds. As the leading brand, we place a premium on providing superior animal salt licks on every continent. We deal in a variety of salt specialties. We believe that excellent quality and convenient transportation are the keys to our success, and we do not cut corners on either.

Different shapes of Animal Lick Salt

Health Benefits of Salt Lick

Ghani Himalayan Salt offers a selection of high-quality, natural, and handmade Himalayan salt licks. We are the primary manufacturers and exporters of animal salt licks from Pakistan. Himalayan salt licks are able to provide animals with a wide range of minerals and other nutrients that cannot be gotten from feeds. As a leading brand, we are committed to providing top-quality salt licks for livestock across the globe. We export all kinds of salt craft. A high-quality product and prompt delivery are the main factors in our growth.