Edible salt

Edible salt

Edible Salt is the most commonly used industrial salt that comes from the Punjab region of Pakistan. It is the purest kind of mineral on earth with no addition of chemicals. This ingredient fulfills the requirements of many industries like De-Icing, Pharmaceuticals, Textile Dyeing, Leather Processing, etc.
It is one of the single most important products that have a worldwide application in a lot of industries. That is the reason it has an increasing demand.
No doubt it plays a vital role in many areas of our lives. But according to the research, only 6% of the manufactured salt is used as a food item. The rest of the production goes to the industry to manufacture products.
Edible Salt has been used in many companies worldwide for various manufacturing processes for a long. Today, it has extensive use in the preparation of brackish water for fish tank

Crystal – Dark Pink

Crystal Dark Pink Salt is very sharp in shape, strong in color, and it is effective for cooking and also fulfill decorating purpose.

Crystal – Light Pink

Himalayan Light pink salt is the most commonly used in many cooking products and is best for garnishing the food and give it color.

Running – White Salt

Runing White salt is best for using in cooking products, as it enhances the cooking process, and give it a tasty flavour.

Crystal – White Salt

Crystal white salt is very sharp, give food an appetite odor, and is best for the use of cooking products.

Running – Light Pink

Running Dark Pink Salt has a crisp shape and a vibrant colour, making it useful for cooking as well as décor.

Running – Medium Pink

Crystal medium pink salt light in color, and purpose is same as its color, to give a light flavor to food.

Running – Dark Pink

Running Dark Pink Salt has a crisp shape and a vibrant color, making it useful for cooking as well as décor.

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Crystal – Medium Pink

Himalayan crystal medium Pink Salt is the most often used in many cooking products, and it is ideal for garnishing and coloring food.

Himalayan Salt For Food

Ghani Himalayan salt is a source of as much as 84 trace minerals. And also it is a source of up to 100% sodium chloride it means that less than 2 percent are made up of these trace minerals. Table salt is typically extremely refined and mixed with anti-caking agents in order to avoid from clumping, for example magnesium carbonate or sodium aluminosilicate, Himalayan salt is not as artificial and doesn’t usually include any additives. It is real that sodium is required to ensure the proper balance of fluids. But, this is not the case of sodium from different sources, including salt that is pink Himalayan salt.