Our History

After getting encouraging responses from our valued customers on our mining products. Ghani Himalaya designed a state of the art processing facility equipped with latest advance technology equipment plants and machineries with highly skilled staff working with new advance methods of processing. A very initiative was focused on the manufacturing of pure quality salt.

It was 1986 when Ghani Himalayan Salt Pvt Ltd was established.

Now labeled as one of the topmost ranked manufacturer and exporter for its systematic and well planned production that go through uncompromising quality control and assurance.

Ghani Himalayan Salt Pvt Ltd is a certified company, acquired different certifications for its unbent standards of producing consistent high quality products.

We are thankful to all our stakeholders, high potential customers MNCs and importers, showing their confidence trust and assisting in this struggling path.

Our proven history an active participation in the country’s and in salt industry growth.


It was 1963 when  Ghani Himalaya Group was established; since then Ghanis are actively participating in the country’s growth. Creating opportunities and endeavoring in different industries. Recognized as a successful investment group in Pakistan.

We are holding ten companies and every company is an independent entity. In private sector we are holding the largest mining areas in Pakistan. We are in Salt, Coal, Iron Ore, Chromite mining and processing. Then we are in Dairy, Feeds, Poultry, Construction, Automotive and 

The experienced management exploring mining business while using modern advance technology and new processing methods and developing different variants of salt. Our R&D department is active in this process.

Our processing facility with capacity of 500 Tons per day of processed salt for different industry and application.

The enhancing of the processing facility is in progress and by the end of 2023 with the induction of new processing plant/s the production capacity would be 1200 tons per day.

Our Mission

Intentions are to be a leading company in manufacturing, processing, exploring the minerals in Pakistan. Arranging all the available tools and resources for our mining and R&D departments. Ghani Himalayan is in fully engaged in continuous Developing of different variants for edible and industrial application, focusing their target market; For Quality Assurance and 100% Customer Satisfaction. Developing a heroic culture in group.

(In all of our business dealings by consistently meeting our Customers’ expectation in all products and services that we offer; delivering a superior return on investment to our shareholders; collaborating and fairly dealing with our suppliers; providing a work environment conducive for creativity and fair compensation to our employees; and always contributing to the economic development of the country and social welfare of all communities we operate in.)


To become a successful business model for the world showcasing how Shariah compliant practices can achieve sustainable welfare for all stakeholders.

Our Goals

To be a leading company in the salt industry. Exploring, educating and utilizing the natural resources of Pakistan. Ensuring supply of quality product/s to end user, nationally and internationally.  Using total available resources.    

(The Group started with a distribution company involved in the distribution of fertilizers, cement, etc. In 1963 the first business venture of the Group was Ghani Corporation that was engaged in the mining of salt, Coal, and Silica sand. In the following years, multiple ventures around this mining business were conceived which give the Group the distinction of being probably the largest private mining corporation in Pakistan.)


Salt is an excellent source of nutrition as well as a flavorful agent for cuisine. Himalayan salt is a healthy alternative to conventional white salt when it comes to seasoning. It has 84 trace elements and is potassium and sodium balanced to perfection. White salt, on the other hand, undergoes extensive processing to remove impurities, resulting in a sodium-chloride balance that is unbalanced.

This is why we make certain that the salt you receive is 100 percent natural in every way, so you can reap the full benefits of its health properties.